Are you accepting new patients?
Yes, we are welcoming new patients to our office.
Should new patients complete any forms before arrival?
Yes, please click here to download and fill out our New Patient Packet.
Once you complete the forms you can fax it to us at (907) 376-9339, email it to us at
Do you see children?
Yes, we do see children. We have a very family friendly office and we enjoy providing care for patients of all ages. Our staff has many years of experience working with children and always takes good care of them.
What if I need to change or cancel my appointment?
We understand that everyone has unexpected schedule changes. We ask that if you need to make a change to your scheduled appointment you contact us as soon as possible. Due to the personalized nature of the care we provide, your appointment is a reservation and you will be charged a $50 fee if you do not show up for your appointment or you do not give 48 hour notice of a change or cancellation.
What can I expect at my initial exam?
At your first exam in our office, staff will discuss your dental concerns, review your health history with you, and perform a full dental evaluation using the diagnodent (laser cavity detector), velscope (oral cancer screening), intraoral photos, and diagnostic radiographs (digital x-rays). During the exam Dr. Walther and staff will work with you to create a treatment plan to address your dental needs.
What is laser cavity detection?
Laser cavity detection aids in the detection of caries. Even very small lesions can be detected at the earliest stage. When caught early, small carious lesions (cavities), can be treated or restored when still small. This early treatment enables the patient to retain more of the natural tooth substance.
Will you restore my teeth with tooth colored (white) fillings?
Yes! Dr. Walther and staff place only tooth colored fillings in teeth since these not only look better, but also are stronger than silver (also called mercury amalgam) fillings. The tooth colored fillings bond to the teeth, and can actually help hold the remaining parts of the tooth together. The silver colored filling, on the other hand, is merely wedged in; not only does it not help strengthen the tooth, but it can sometimes place further stress on the tooth, leading to fractures and eventual failure.
Does your office only do composite (white) fillings?
We feel that the composite material provides a superior result.
What is a rubber dam?
A rubber dam is used to isolate the operative field and prevent the passage of saliva or moisture. It is a barrier a little bit like a surgical drape used by surgeons in the operating room, in miniature. It allows our staff to give each tooth the best treatment possible.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! We accept both Visa and MasterCard.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes! We work with an outside company called CareCredit to offer payment plans options, some of which are interest free.